My Saturday blog Story Part 33

My Saturday blog Story Part 33

My Saturday blog Story Part 33 then I wake up early at 7am in the morning time. There is too much cold outside from the home then cannot unable to wake up at immediately time there. Then I take a cup of tea and before the I take to wash face and take hot water to a drink there. After then I take tea of cup with a biscuit to eat there. Then I go down to check the buffalo were going for an outside place to eat the grass cross the river. Then my mother already cooks food into the firewood there. 

I am angry with Father. And Father said that his job is to keep working. According to Ansar, people will not be able to fight and I will also get angry. And if even a small thing makes me angry, then I also have my own life. I also have my own envelope. I have to do my own envelope. And I was walking when I woke up in the morning and I hadn’t rehearsed. And I took the buffalo and went to leave the river. And I was talking to Mom.

And after eating the dirt, I went to Ranipowwa. And Ralin has gone to get the same. That man has also gone to that place. And we went upstairs with the same things. And I was also looking for a similar bill. And yesterday I had to take a man’s car.

He also took it to Lakeside. And after that Lakeside’s work is over, we head to our house. And before I went home, I took the meat. And when I took it and on my way home, I had to go to get my buffalo. I have gone to the fairy with the buffalo. After doing this, he went to his house.

This is the only work done on the day of Saturday. And I’ll do my part to make it work. By sharing this story, I will share it in my blog post. This Saturday we’re going past it already then I share this post into own website. Then I checking their own


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