Happy World Health Day 2020

Happy World Health Day 2020

Happy World Health Day 2020 is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on 7 April, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as other related organizations. In 1948, the WHO held the First World Health Assembly. Today people are celebrating with health world day in a different place because at this time we have to stay at home due to coronavirus enter the whole country.

Some of the things we have mentioned it out through WHO which is established a few years ago they have celebrated it every April 7. Now it times to staying on safe from disease with viruses come to enter which people haven’t gone outside to do it there. This year it very bad whole part of the world country which the virus still unknown to find it out to get a solution to stop it.

WHO makes announcements a different program but this year they are unable to celebrate it there. We all are faced with disease effects in the world. They can try people’s awareness about your health to know it. Still, I see posted out on social media which I want to share to you know it well. Most of the people were already post it there.

We should be followed and care about health. Health is very important in your life in which people were meet with doctor to make problem to slove it there. I request you all happy World Health Day 2020 whole teams member to unable to make to celebrate under this day. This day make it remember into their life.

All Actor And Celebrities were Active Nowadays

All Actor And Celebrities were Active Nowadays

All Actor And Celebrities were Active Nowadays which I see finding out a lot of actor whole world they have to share their activities to time pass day with their family over there. Most of the actors I have been on social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram account. Special I found it an actor will be live with friends which people make it entertainment with them.

You may also be suddenly on social media. I have a lot of opinions and actors too have settled in There and I have talked. And you might have done the same. I am a loser. And why did you do your own country in the days of Lockdown? I too have been a little nervous on my social media, but maximum Instagram if you message you, I would replay to you.

Actors also find themselves surrounded by viruses. It should not be so at that time we have been told that we should help. And you may have noticed that youtube channel. I’ve seen it too. But the number of people who work during the day has become so thick. The relief of the government has also been imposed. But it may not be the case with you. Actors look very strange.

You might check those Instagram accounts they have post and many more to make the time pass with days to spend it there. They have stayed at home according to this time. Keep share under this article to mention to your friends you have checking it there.

How to download songs from tubidy.mobi

How to download songs from Tubidy.mobi

How to download songs from Tubidy.mobi simple you need to find out a search into your browser from pc and mobile device to the following step to know it. Just you need to open a browser to find this song to find it out. Tubidy Mobi is one of the free download tools in which people are able to download songs of different languages into your mobile and pc versions. These are free tools you may be used. Follow step I will be teaching here.

How to download songs from Tubidy.mobi

  1. Open your browser from Mobile And PC
  2. Then you go to http://www.google.com
  3. Search bar of google you can see there then you can type Tubidy.mobi
  4. Then you can find the First URL to click there. Or you can go through this link https://tubidy.mobi/top_search.php
  5. The page will be open through a link you can finding search bar you can type the title of your song and find it.
  6. Then you choose songs to click there then another page will be the option to download there. There is also video download and songs of mp3 and mp4 songs will be available there.
  7. You can click there with mp3 or mp3 songs then the page will be loading then you can see download button
  8. Then you can save it into your mobile and pc browser saving there.

This is a step to follow to download your songs into your mobile and pc version to easily know it there. Then you can share it into your friends also they have unable to finding how we can download from mobile with songs over it there. I hope you will be understood it a clear way to teach it here. I’m also happy to share this info with all people.

I got community Standards To spam on Facebook

 I got community Standards to spam on Facebook

I got community Standards to spam on Facebook which posted out of violent the rule of Facebook which teams had been mention to all users. Those who had posted on their page side to share that case to see it there. Sometimes I got this spam into from Facebook teams. Since yesterday I posted out into my Facebook page to share link URL of post into my page the teams already remove that post at spam on community standards spam.

I request those people who have got this spam from community standards from Facebook don’t worry about this which team has sent it to mention to you here. During this time we mostly share only coronavirus updates as news into your page side to share your post over it there. But Facebook didn’t accept your post on it there. I got community standards to spam on Facebook which mentions, again and again, doesn’t do any mistake in your post there.

Most of the people didn’t know what is community standards on the Facebook page which you have shared. Teams will be watching it out your post on it there but we didn’t know it well for it. I think this is how you do it. I have posted it to you and it is a matter of opinion about you. And you know the level of why I did that on Facebook.

Yesterday I had such a message from Fechtube Teams that you have done the same thing, but you can also see such Guidelines if you have trouble getting monetization. This is Message Normal. If you do a lot of it, then maybe even a block. You should remember those things under while doing right now. You should order rule from Facebook.

But you have to act like that. I would not ask you to do such a thing. Fakebook Teams Deletes Your Posts. And you get a message of hope. You are not folded. But you heightened the notification. Think about it.

Government’s decision lockdown by Baisakh 3

Government’s decision lockdown by Baisakh 3

Government’s decision lockdown by Baisakh 3 The meeting of the Council of Ministers, which ended on Monday afternoon, has decided to extend the lockdown by Baisakh 3. The government announced a lock-in for the coronavirus (COVID-19), the second infectious disease, from Chaitra 11. to Chaitra 25. In addition, a meeting of the High-Level Committee on Corona Prevention Sunday recommended the lockdown period be extended.

At a cabinet meeting in Baluwatar, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli also stressed that the lockdown should be strictly followed. “The emphasis was on speeding up the rapid test with lockdown,” said a minister. Those leader were sitting on a meet to make a decision to make it up to Baisakh 3. Some of the workings earn daily money they have really effective for a longer time spends it lockdown.

I’m really sad about this lockdown and this coronavirus not able to stop it. Its rapid number of volumes worldwide. This is what people have been brainwashed into, not just to us but to the whole world. What happens when we are more than one day, how much worse it may be in other developing countries. You might as well consider that. But if it is open then it is too hot. The disease has not happened yet. Today, it has been a rough week. But the government is good at discouraging people but it is still difficult for people.

Every day people come to bid farewell to youtube channels and news. And the fact that I have not given the people food to eat I say. But rich people have money to work with but money is the only way to earn money. I wish to know about the government’s wealth in such matters. Many people do it by simply cooperating. Now the government has to give.

Tiger at Bronx Zoo tests positive for Covid-19

Tiger at Bronx Zoo tests positive for Covid-19

Tiger at Bronx Zoo tests positive for Covid-19 which the america zoo have has been see positive report for check it up under the tiger. Since i heard this news from website of bbc news i were shocked it there. Even zoo happen to see a Covid-19 virus enter to the tiger really shocked to read this news. the test result was confirmed by the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Iowa.

This is the first time that any of us know of anywhere in the world that a person infected the animal and the animal got sick. While tiger mother gets this sick towards his family also too. Lets see what happen on america under that zoo. Weather people will do check up those animal it will be automatic transfer to another person of people.

Even the world has faced it out this virus to unable to control this virus. As we see on tiger to effect under this virus the doctor will be shock it. It tested the cat [Nadia] out of an abundance of caution and will ensure any knowledge we gain about Covid-19 will contribute to the world’s continuing understanding of this novel coronavirus.

If this continue on animal we people unable to control this virus over it there. Under the zoo manager they would try to check out those animal to try to check out into their. If they haven’t check it out this virus. It will be automatic transfer through human being also too. If they haven’t check it out animal one by one. Really shocking news have i listen it see it there. News channel world they have also be mention it out.

Whole conservation teams will be warned that the virus could pose a threat to some wildlife like the great apes. Its happen on new york of american zoo conservation to stay there. If this virus will transfer to people it will be destory whole world also too. If will be check whole wild animal it will be fine it out report to know it. Mostly people are shocking under this news to share into the bbc website of news portal site there.

Read it out Article Link: https://bbc.in/3bR8aUI

Visit Great Wall of China 2020

Visit Great Wall of China 2020

Visit Great Wall of China 2020 is the collective name of a series of fortification systems generally built across the historical northern borders of China to protect and consolidate territories of the Chinese state. It addresses located in Huairou District, China. Its length is 21.19618 million m and its Diameter 21.19618 million m.Its size is 21,196 km (13,171 mi). It will be open from 7:30 AM To 5:30PM. This is accident historical place in china which people can visit. 

This is popular in worldwide to the great wall of china. While you visit it there at night its really awesome and amazing light will see there. Emperor Qin Shi Huang builds this great wall of china since 221 BC. The first time he will be built this project to make it conservation still now also. More than 400,000 people died during the wall’s construction. It will be finished in 1878 A.D. Since on 7th-century time build has been finishing it.

Its ticket price is around 40 to 60 yuan per person according to adult, young and child they have mentioned its price to enter there. This price will mention only the china currency to buy this ticket. April-May month it suitable to visit there and September-November favorite month to visit it there. This four-month is suitable to visit there. There is a lot of things which you can be travel there.

Before you go travel to going to that place which you can visit there. Some of the people were looking into their internet site to see details of ancient history to learn it there. Beautiful hill and beautiful forest we have seen there. Even I haven’t visited that place. It’s far from our country to move to travel to that place. Just mention it here that also be a favorite place visit.



Today 9pm India PM Modi will light a candle

Today 9pm India PM Modi will light a candle

Today 9pm India PM Modi will make a candle against coronavirus to pray for god to it. There is 9:09pm they will be light be going on it. Different people of the place they have made to do it there. People of different political person will make light cancer. Indian fight against coronavirus. Whole people are supported by PM Modi to make them. Today 9pm India PM Modi will light a candle people have to wait to see too against to make it be strong with coronavirus.

I am really happy to support Indian people to know it there. Indian fiery candle is burning. And what Modi has said is that people have done the same thing to the people. And you probably did. And maybe make friends. Everyone seems to have shared. And Indian friends have also taken up social media. And so has Modi. I’m also watching And doing a small post on the blog. Now the husband for Coronavirus is thinking of the Indians who have done for their country.

The candle is also lit. And in many places, I have lost the neves in India. And you probably have Played. I’ve done a photoshoot. And you might want to stay. Now we have to end the Coronavirus. Enjoy the whole house. Not everyone is asleep, Modi has done what people have said. Big leaders are also burnt by the candle.

I hope the whole actor will be supported by PM Modi will be tweet on social media sites also. Even moring time he has announced on the media news channel also too. Tonight we have to do candlelight to fight against

coronavirus. May some news channel they have made a report with different place of celebrities to share own social media site to share some photo.

Today 9pm India PM Modi will light a candle making candle outside from home which people want to share some mention a photo. I will be sharing many things under this website they will share it.

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All Tv New Serial program of Indian Channel has Stop

All Tv New Serial program of Indian Channel has Stop

All Tv New Serial program of Indian Channel has Stop which episode will be close during this lockdown period happen on India. The government already announced up to 21days to close the whole business and the company serial program has stayed at home. Even I’m has been watched it out pervious episode program to watch it there. If you looking it out such a channel which you like it favorite to watch it daily in the evening time.

You may have negotiated with Serial. I was looking for a serial of the new one that came out of the old and because of that, you are doing the same thing. And you’ve also seen new shows and shows. I’ve come to old shows at the same time and you may have been bored while you were at home. But there are also new names for the serials. That company has also suffered. Being a habit for your job is boring when the party is at home.

Due to Virus, all the channels of the channel are more than any new shows that have come in the channels. And only the old ones appear. You may want to take a look. I checked. And so are you. Please comment if you are looking for a new serial. I have never come across Youtube anywhere but new shows. The official channel is not available there.

Some people are just disappointed in their own serials. Speaking of your own thoughts. You can also see Tv Live from Mobile. But nothing new has come. I’m quite bored of not wanting to see the new program. You might be too bored.

Waiting For Lockdown To open in Nepal

Waiting For Lockdown To open in Nepal

Waiting For Lockdown To open in Nepal this is the second week in which the Nepal government has been mention to lockdown another one week to stay at home. People are waiting for a period of time which most of the whole daily earn money they haven’t wait anymore to look at it. Most people want to need to open this lockdown in Nepal. We are going for working outside the place. Almost people are waiting for that day which opens we will go outside.

All of the business companies, as well as the hosting server, will be down to mention finding an error to fixed an error on it there. But still, I’ve also faced this problem with it. But from mobile data, it will be open what happens between this network site to open it there that why I’m really confused about this. Still, they will be open then people have seen remaining here and there to see there. Then I will be effective a virus over the number of people there.

The people who earn the day are getting dark. The government has to look into it. I have also spent a lot of time on this day to say what is high but we do not have any level of government. And you’ve probably been bored when you’re home. Work may be done at home. Have you ever thought that your pass would be hot by day?

This has been the case abroad, not only in our Nepal but also in other countries. What to do now is because of the virus that has caused a lot of trouble. At that point, we have to stay in our house. And staying home and having fun with your family is no different. It seems to be a little different now than I thought you would be if you had a level. I’ve also had that day.