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My Saturday blog Story Part 32

My Saturday blog Story Part 32

My Saturday blog Story Part 32 I wake up early that morning time over into my own bedroom. Then I take some hot water then I take a cup of tea over there. Then we are ready for outside our own home to check it out there. It outside from own home to taken to see the buffalo sent with to cross the river to go to eat grass there. Then we stay over there. Then we come back own home. Before I wake up I direct send father on PrithiviChowk to take off there. 

Then seen the morning time there is too much cold over there. Since the father brings with mobile buy from the petrol pump there. Then I ask a helmet overprice what price will happen to see there. There is less amount that will be purchasing this one. Then I take off my father’s own location over there. Then he calls that person he will come on over there. Then I direct on petrol pump place to buy a new helmet with a scooter. 

I take a helmet’s own home there. Then I take helmet infornt of leg part there. Then I move to my own home there. At 10 am we take a launch over there. Then I shit own sun up the floor to stay over there. After 12:30pm father will be calling me via phone call there. Then I received a call there. I move on to Mahendrapool to receive my father’s work there. 

And had to go for another job. We’ve been to that place. And that’s where we went to work. And he was talking to himself that he had to go on the day of Lakshmi Pooja. And then we went to that place, did that work and went to his house. And the angel went to get the buffalo. And that day he was angry with himself. Not finding a buffalo, I went to the square for lunch. And they were sitting in that place again from the square.

And it was in the evening and he came to the place and we went to his house. This is how it is today. This is how the day went. And you can see what happens to others in the week. My Saturday blog Story Part 31is quite different this story will be mention there.

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