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My Saturday blog Story Part 31

My Saturday blog Story Part 31

My Saturday blog Story Part 31 then I wake up from the morning time there. Then I wake up early at near from 7am around there. Then I take a cup of tea over there. Since I take hot water to drink it there. Then I take a going towards my own toilet for long there. Then I take back to my own room there. Then I watch it on my own mobile device to watch it out there. While I wake up early in the bedroom then I take to watch a mobile there then I take a GramFree account to check it out there.

And I was living in my house. And in the morning I took my mother to the hospital. He was rushed to the hospital. And I have done the same. And I also did a full checkup at the hospital. And the two of them came. And he looked at his mother. And after a while, the reports came and it is said that it costs a lot of money to check.

And everyone looked and we went to our house. And we settled down to eat at home. And then the man from the mill above came to pick me up. And here you go and I go. And the scooter went by itself. And Father has moved by himself.

And we went to that mill and we went to get the same. And we went to our workshop with the same thing and that’s what we did. And Bayern has also been taken away. And taken from the store. And taken for good quality. And we went to the workshop to change that and I helped too.

We went to the mill again and finished work. And at the time of doing that, he had also brought lunch and ate it. And we went to our house. Then he took the same things and went to Prithvichowk. And we came back to our home after working in that place. And that was all there was to it today.


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