Setting a Motor of 36 inch vertical bandsaw in Nepal

Setting a Motor of a 36 inch vertical bandsaw in Nepal

Setting a Motor of 36 inch vertical bandsaw in Nepal which after a long week ago we have set the machinery body into the land into the Marki Village place of Lakeside. Since they have to make the house of machinery to safe from it. Since the morning time, we have arrived under this place to move on there. Since the people there stay over there. Some of the people were doing with of farmer own fields working over there. Since there are not people while we arrived at the place there.

Father will go on that place to moving to call with that person to comes there. He will come slowly because his leg isn’t working nicely here. It pains a little bit he needs support to move on a walk on road. The main motor was too moving to set this problem. This is the main working hard to see this one. Some people will come over there to checking there. After we arrived at that place that person’s phone number switch off there. Then I call with his son’s to come into there. 

Today, for You Basala, all of us people have become Garo. But even for this work, people were tired of doing it. And we also helped. And it’s easy to log in. But even people have gone to do it for work. And the man was angry too. It is also very difficult to reduce it. It is not easy for us to do this.

While doing this work, it was very difficult. And one of the people had to see the mill and after eating he went home. And we’ve done it. We’ve done it today. And I have worked too. And we worked yesterday as well. The work has been completed from today but the parts of a machine have not been found.

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