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Today the new mill is uplifting at Pokhara

Today the new mill is uplifting at Pokhara

Today the new mill is uplifting at Pokhara This is the first time we’ve worked in this area. We did all the work and my brother-in-law did all the work. Today the mill is gone. It’s been a long time coming. It falls in the place of the pond. And this is done at Gurung’s house in this place. Other people have also come to this mill. We went in the afternoon. It has worked in time.

Today was a very sad day for us because I didn’t bring the same things from home. And I was shouted at. And it was my fault. And he was angry with me because of my misbehavior. I have kept my silence. I didn’t want to live with screaming people. For me, this is what happened today. Today this mill has been uprooted. Everyone came to see.

The same was done for beating. And all this was said to be a mystery. That mill has started since we arrived. And we have done everything. It took a lot of work. This work has been completed today. Since yesterday, we have taken the mill to Chomplet and we have gone to our house.

This is what we did yesterday afternoon. Even though the same people were in their garden, this work was not completed. And to get these items, we have to go to the electric shop and bring them. To see this we have to take people we know with us. And this shop is also close to people. This mill has started from today. And you can see that this mill has started again.

Today we have done a good job and we have a feeling in our minds. But there was more work to be done. Everyone was happy with the work. And because of happiness, we also felt like we had been swept away. The man was worshiping when we left. We arrived at the time of worship. Work has started at the mill after this puja.

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