Can the Nepal government make international transaction money

Can the Nepal government make international transaction money

Can the Nepal government make international transaction money that most of the people will need to make payment through their own Atm card to purchase any product and team form the online transaction? But there is an online payment system in Nepal. But we need to make international transactions like domain purchase, buy product item and many more will bring make this transaction money to easily pay with their own account. 

If you have to make payment in our country, it is done in dollars, but Nepal Rastra Bank has not done this in our country, but there are many such works in our country. But it is also illegal to transact money. Strangers have saved their money, but nowadays it is easier for people to implement their payments internationally. We don’t send money from other countries to do other people’s work. If we do it ourselves, it will be easier later.

This is not possible in Nepal. It would be great if it happened in Nepal, other countries also do all the work by their own bank. And you can withdraw money and do other things. It is also easy to pick and choose what you want. It is illegal in our country. But now we have to make a digital payment. It is also easier for us to do everything on the internet.

This is the complete proof of what I have slept in my bank and we will give it only. Otherwise, you have to have some business of your own. If that applies to all banks, it will apply to other banks as well. In other transitions, it is easier if you can do it safely.

If this is done by Nepal, then we have to post our terms and conditions as well. To do that we had to launch one of the apps that we had to do on our own card otherwise, we had to the system. What I am trying to say is that the government of Nepal has no permission to allow us to drink online payments. We only get our cards by choosing with other countries and sending money to other countries.

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