Thanks You Special on India Best Dancer

Thanks You Special on India Best Dancer

Thanks You Special on India Best Dancer under this weekend. They are welcome the veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha with wife Poonam in India’s best dancer. As hosting is leading by Bharti Singh and her husband to running it out this shows. The actor was very touched with this gesture of respect and got emotional walking down memory lane.

They have made them enjoy these shows. As Bharti’s mother will be fans of Shatrughan actor as she telling his message with on live shows stage there. He will be replied to them. Today I watched it out the first performance to shows their dance to make them as clear on there. I like the first dancer who will be touch by the judges. They will be given stand audition with the dancer Guru and choreographer there.

One of both dancer group they didn’t like their dancer much more showing their own performance with them. This weekend you haven’t missed it out. Now the shows will be ended it already. The rest of the dancer will give some messages and expire to love their own mother and parent also them. Have you watching it out the dancer will be respected tell me to support them your dance and study also too.

Their own related parent will be helping to come to this stand to shows their talent over the big actor of judges will stand there. The veteran actor also shared many events from his life, career, and his contribution to the film industry. He also spilled the beans on how he met his wife Poonam Sinha. Some most film industry dancers will dance into the stage there.

For this related blog will be updated this Saturday only. The next post will be after the shows will be ended there. Then I will be shared with you here. They also give like thanks to your special episode they have celebrated it them, dancer. India’s best dancer will bring alot of special shows will be running it every weekend there. Mostly of people will be following their own favorite talent there. This weekend they have special shows will behold.

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