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Today I am Angry myself

Today I am Angry myself

Today I am Angry myself According to what I said, the man must have wondered why he did such a thing. Why is there so much anger in our country? I am also very angry. But even anger is just a matter of eating oneself. Anger makes everything bad. I’m also thinking about S. He should do as I say. I don’t know why I’m angry today. I don’t know why I’m angry today.

I like to sit on my own for a while, even when I’m angry. I also do my own thing. And what do you do when you are angry? I like to listen to some songs, I like to do other things. Others may wonder why I am angry today. I have to control my anger. And what happens in the anger of others does not settle itself. And you get folded. Why am I so angry about something?

I don’t want to do anything after anger, I just say it in my mouth and I don’t want to do anything else. It is better not to talk to them at such times. There is no point in talking to me. I don’t do anything in times of anger because I will do that later.

I will do whatever I think is right. And you have to learn from the work I have done. And you can see it for yourself and it will be easy. I don’t know what to do when I’m angry. When I am angry, I shout loudly and do nothing else. I just want to go

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