Today Really Hard Working into New House

Today Really Hard Working into New House

Today Really Hard Working into New House there is the dirty part that was into the land of soft there. But the worker cannot do any work there. Because they’re too lazy while to clean a surrounded there. They didn’t work well for a clean home. That lazy people cannot work it nicely on there. If that person will be faced with it out our life on it. Even the lot of plastics over there. Because they didn’t make firewood there. 

Today, the house was cleaned and the plastics of Dalan were found. And we have done that and set it on fire. If you become dizzy, you will not feel well. You are not feeling well I have done that too. And here they were working in turn. He also had to cut the grass. I was also shocked after he was bitten. It was like being torn apart.

After people settle down, they have to do that work only when their relatives come. You have to do that yourself. You have to clean the garbage yourself. Due to this, it has become very difficult. The housework has become a chore. We are very tired.

You have to clean it yourself, you have to burn it yourself because others have done the same thing. If you don’t do it yourself, others won’t do it. And you have to do it yourself, it’s better to do it yourself. I did a little work at home today because of me and Father. This is what is done today. I’m very tired.

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