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My Saturday blog Story Part 24

My Saturday blog Story Part 24

My Saturday blog Story Part 24 I wake up at 7 am at Nepali time there. Then I wash my face over into the kitchen room. After then I take hot water to drink it there. Then I take a cup of tea over there. I take eat do not eat there with a cup of tea there. Then I going to own the toilet room for a long. Every morning I take the toilet over there. Then I checked it out with their mother. The mother was cooked into the down floor there. There is no rainfall over into the outside the from the windows side. 

I take wearing clothes over there. Then I move downflow to check to find out the mother cooked into the firewood there. Then I come back own room further checking the news of the Facebook page side to upload some image search on there. Then I think about myself on it there. My mother was already cooked it there. I see the rice cooker there is already there. Then I turn on the switch of electricity there.

And after that, I also ate and ate at the time I said and did other things. And I was also watching those media on my YouTube channel. And I also checked the email here. Even if you have to pay the internet bill, there are not many days left now. I have also talked about emails in general. And I haven’t checked the email. I have requested the Teams to dispose of the dirt as well.

Now, in the days to come, I will continue to use it. Please pay my internet bills. And I also said that I have informed you. I told him twice that when I walked, he thought I must be sad. I am also sad. I haven’t done anything. I’ll run that person after it’s over. Looking at the same thing during the day and the day went by and I didn’t even go down during the day on the floor.

After doing all the work, I felt the rhythm in my ears. I was put by that mother. And the time of day was too much for me. I also went to Mahiju’s house with my mother. And Mahiju stayed at home for a while. I also sat for a while. I have come to my house. And they were showing the video. And the people I did that to today weren’t coming to the Viva Channel. I’m watching it too. My friends are also watching.

This is how I went to today. This is how my day on Saturday went. I also posted a blog post in the afternoon on my website. Today I was very happy with the topic. I also did that in the post. You may also see. Please tell me, what’s the story of the comment.

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