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Today I am so Happy on Saturday

Today I am so Happy on Saturday

Today I am so Happy on Saturday because I see over there the outside there is no rainfall last night. Even I see the outside of the roadside to see there is water or not there. There is no water is there on the roadside. Then I feel too happy about under today. While people want to needs to clean to see a sunrise to see into the sky side. Under this image, I just capture just a moment.

After a long time I have feels and relax to see this sun into the sky. When the sky is blue then the sun was there I am so happy to see. Even I happy moment to share some videos will be upload into my mobile phone also too. Even I take some images also to mention with the user. From our place Bagar I take to write an article to mention here. I think so it will be totally stopped this rainfall it daily. This month it’s a very much bad month of the year.

When this month will be started some of the rest people will be less working their outside work into the field works. There is unexcept and unreliable rainfall which will happen to days past it. I will be praying from the upcoming day it will be totally stopped it. I will be sharing some shots of video under my youtube channel for all users to share there. We need this rainfall for these times. We need to see clean weather will see it there.

Now I will be happy with myself on it. I make happy those coming days. If a happy moment, I will be some write article on my website. Pokhara weather is good and my favourite will be seen outside there. Some people haven’t shared this mention form their own website. Hope the people will be happy to see a stopped rainfall daily. The whole day it will disturb this rainfall.

Pokhara will be made to see to watch it out these days. Even I also to wait for this day to seems day on it. Over the limited cross, this rainfall happens into the roadside make little hole part water will see it. It disturbs to goes water while moves from one place to another. While reach there then come back own home it very difficult if there is raincoat into your bike ride moving. So happy moment under this day of Saturday. I cannot be the image these days.

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