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Long distance transport will open from Bhadra 1st

Long distance transport will open from Bhadra 1st

Long distance transport will open from Bhadra 1st Inter-district medium and long-distance private and public vehicles will be operational only from Bhadra 1st. The decision to operate long-distance public transport from September 1 was taken by the Minister of Communications and Finance, Dr. Yuvaraj Khatiwada informed. The transport businessmen had demanded to operate medium and long-distance transport from Bhadra 1st.

It is also a matter of happiness that all Nepalis are open to their country. Now the day to come is like before. Now the traffic is open for later. This is a matter of happiness in our country. We have to do our social distractions. And all the people on the bus have to be made aware of this danger. If you agree, others will agree. Not to mention that the bus is open.

According to the government, we have to go. The government has not done anything with this ban, but we have to go and wear masks ourselves and not meet a lot of people. The government has already opened public transport in the district and Kathmandu Valley. Entrepreneurs who refused to go to the service have also said that they will start providing the service from Bhadra 1st.

Hope the people will be followed while travel from one place to another place while he/she can be safe to travel there. The rest of the things you need to follow the rule of government while the government will make give you suggestions to do.

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