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Day 4 update News of Pokhara Arba Vijaya

Day 4 update News of Pokhara Arba Vijaya

Day 4 update News of Pokhara Arba Vijaya will continue rainfall over the country part. Rest of part heavy rainfall in different places of Nepal. Since Shrawan will be started it will continue rainfall into our place. Since last Ashar 26, there is big rainfall into our place of Kaski district. Today I visiting into my place of Arba Vijaya its has the same reaction to our home place of Simpani like this. We move on that place while visiting into little rainfall were coming it slow.

While comes from Simpani to Arba Vijaya it will be slow rainfall react over there. The road it’s very difficult to ride from scotor. It will mud land were have to see like Ashar Dhan Rupali. As the village is like that happen it. I see landslides little fail down into the roadside due to the rainfall. I see the road it sees water flow here and there. It will be spring water flow that looks like an awesome and amazing one to see it. While I ride my scotor to move on Arba Vijaya. There is foggy weather reacted to see on Cloudy mood to see it.

Due to foggy weather it wi make more water rainfall will be increase. The whole country happens to face this problem. Some of the people haven’t they have sleep at day time. Due to landslides, the river will be increased. A case of thousand to people died from these landslides. From my home area, people were lives their own homes for the near side of river flow. Why the people were live near riverside. If the destroy their home from the river we are victims of landslides from the river.

When I look into the social media which I read out the article to read the landslides people were dead case will happen to see it. This month was is a dangerous month of the year. During this year it’s really bad for all people. When the monsoon was coming it fast. Still, we need to feel cold itself. There is common cold wouldn’t react touch to enter people body. Another side we listen to the news of Covid-19 and landslides. The damaged area will be collect a high amount of water increased there.

This is the Day 4 from our place of Arba Vijaya place which I include mention effect and cause from this season. We need careful yourself and try to share the problem with other people. Still, there is continue the rainfall whole part of the Nepal side. I request all people stayed safe from these landslides and Covid-19. During the rainfall, you cannot go outside the place it might because of unhealth. Keep stay own home and keep a safe place to stay there.

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