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Visiting Bridge at Tanahu Ghari Place

Visiting Bridge at Tanahu Ghari Place

Visiting Bridge at Tanahu Ghari Place we have moved from heading from Pokhara to that place further working on their machinery part there. After a long journey over that place to move on my scooter there. There is a big river was flowing in that place that name of the river is Seti Gandaki river which following this river from our place home. Still, the river will be increased on it. Today day is very nice to travel to goes to that place move on there.

I have seen on the road will be a fine and a good way to travel over that place. Still, we have moved more than 30 minutes going to that place there. I like that peaceful environment and the sound of the river flow over there. There is a big dangerous stone while walk over that small-time over there. That place was too hot and unable to stay anymore there.

This is a photo of us after we went to the pool. I had seen a lot of heat in that place. And you can’t live in the summer in those places. I have an opinion that I have also reached the internet service in that place. And there were rivers. That river is our opinion. How many rivers have been washed away? Landslides like that river are also gone. And there are houses nearby in that place.

On the way, I couldn’t help but see how big those feet were. And it looks scary in that place. The house is very hot in the place. If you are in that place, it is very hot. I have been sweating for a while. Due to digestion, there is a lot of heat in your body. I may not be able to do my outdoor activities during the day.

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