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Ghari Village of Tanahu to Visit

Ghari Village of Tanahu to Visit

Ghari Village of Tanahu to Visit I have just reached it out that village area side which I plan were good and favourite to shelter under that place to move on there. There is a lot of houses that were there. Mostly the people will be cultivated their land for agriculture farm work there. During the day time, it will be very much hot cannot stay in the sun for the outside place. We have checked into the machinery mill to check up that problem over there.

There is a problem with polisher machinery which try to fix that machinery over there. Firstly we have open that body part to open it there. We need to take all tools to open there. We need to help other people help. While I enter there rice mill house it will be very much hot cannot stay any more there. Why the people will be given under this place like terai region have felt into my mind.

Machinery had a small problem and the Machinerycommon fan is of the opinion that we have also gone to change that. Then again, we have a phone call with that person. And there’s a lot of talking on the phone. It was also taken at work time. And after taking the lamp, he did the work. And worked out. Baba was doing his job. I also helped Baba a little. That man was his brother-in-law.

I don’t know him very well and I will know him in the days to come. And your people are known later. And after getting acquainted, it is also good. If you meet somewhere, you have to talk. Machinery is a little job, but the work is over. And the road to Hittite was not good. And the road is muddy in such a monsoon.


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