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OMG! Rs 145 Per Litre Petrol Update in NepalOMG! Rs 145 Per Litre Petrol Update in Nepal

OMG! Rs 145 Per Litre Petrol Update in Nepal has increased the price of petroleum products. In line with the automatic price system of petroleum products. The corporation has increased petrol, diesel, and kerosene by Rs. The corporation has stated that the new price will be applicable from 12 noon tonight. Day by day will be increase number of rate happen to increase petrol in Nepal.

According to the international market price, petrol has gone up by Rs 5.61 per liter, diesel by Rs 5.62 per liter, and aviation fuel by Rs 4.95 per liter. Accordingly, the corporation has been forced to increase the price as it is facing a loss of Rs 2.4 billion in 15 days.

According to the new price, the price of petrol has reached Rs 145 while the price of diesel and kerosene has been fixed at Rs 128. The price of LP gas for cooking has been kept unchanged.

When people drive cars to run on petrol, it becomes very hot. Why has the government of Nepal done this Nepal? How much is the price of this petrol? Badi has already come. After increasing in India, it also grows in Nepal automatically. Has the government reduced the number of days to come?

What to do in Nepal now? If this is the case, how can people leave in the coming days? We also do our own thing. According to him, nothing will happen to us. But everyone has to look at this. Why is everyone so big this night? It has grown again. Not so much before, but because of this big reason, people don’t even get Chadan.

OMG! Rs 145 Per Litre Petrol Update in Nepal I was shocked while checking out this news happens to update. Even the people were shocked about what will happen in upcoming days to know well for this one. Even the people were shocked to list out this news flash to mention out. Even the poor people were shocked to buy petrol while into their agriculture fields to handle theirs.


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