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Taksar Village of Nepal 2022Taksar Village of Nepal 2022

Taksar Village of Nepal 2022 is the place of Syangja and Pokhara side we have been moving the highway from Syangja ring Road from Birauta place. Since this village people were working in agriculture and in the day time they are doing working to see the buffalo and goats into their house there. Since under this village, there is small mill house and big mill house over which the line of the two-phase line the mini-rice were brought under that place to give better service to the customer there. Even we have moved them from the place from Pokhara to Taksar village. Within 1 hour and 30 minutes minimum, we have been arrived at this place to go there. 

The road condition was fine while moving from the vehicle to move on there.  Some of the parts are under construction working the people will be doing there. I like such type of road were only the four-line road which the small part to see there. Since that road, I never missed out while the time into the travel place into there. Since the road was covered by a forest area which there is no houses were arrived under that place to move on there. 

I also had a lot of fun going from place to place. And I had a lot of fun going to my uncle’s house. But people were doing their jobs along the way. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. In the days to come, I will make flats everywhere. We had nothing to do with the people of this place, otherwise, there would have been nothing for us to do.

And when we got to the mill house, we ate first and then we went to work. And while working, other people weren’t even missing. If other people come to work, it will be awkward. Jada had a lot of fun in that place and we had a lot of fun on the way home. But the path has also come to us with a lot of fun. There was a lot of mud on the rain rod and there was no one at high speed. And then after going to that place and the place to go to Syangja, it was very easy for us.

That path is also a very old path. There is an opinion that the place is already developed. And we didn’t spend much time in that place. That is where Rabindranath developed his place. Without Rabindranath, the people would have suffered. It must have been very difficult for us to get to that place. But the place has done very well and people can easily go there.

Nowadays people are also very happy. Because he is happy, people are able to reach their place. The people of that place are busy with their work. There is still something to be done to develop the place. There is an opinion that it will be much easier to work in your own place. There is an opinion that the internet has gone to many houses in the village. It may be easier for people to do whatever they want on the Internet.

You may go to this place once because by going to such a place you will know everything. This place is very well developed. There is no need to do anything for development. After the government has given money for the road, all the work is to be done by the people. And the Budgets are given every year by the government too. The people of the village have demanded that the people have not reached that place.

Taksar Village of Nepal 2022 If you go to this place, you will see many green forests. And how fun it is to look green. How much do you enjoy yourself? This is something to consider. The village seems to be like Pokhara in the house, everyone has started eating their Pokhara food in the hotel. This is the first time I’ve been to this place. You may also want to know what is in this place. What is the best thing to do for development? You have to look at the whole place and talk to the people of the whole village.

We went to that place and did our homework. It was raining so hard during the day that we thought about how to get home. We also bought the original with that person. And we were returning home with our children. There was little rain in between. And at the time of Christ’s arrival, we were wearing a light scarf, but it was not there. And it has been raining for a long time. And the water was pouring down towards my house and I was hoping that I would not get well because of the cold water.


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