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Paul Shah Join in Himalaya Roadies Season 4Paul Shah Join in Himalaya Roadies Season 4

Paul Shah Join in Himalaya Roadies Season 4 which will be invited from Roadies will be coming to join this season 4. While entering the Paul Shah in Roadies he will be made welcome the wild Card entry to join back into their journey in Roadies. There is biggest journey round will be held under this shows. Since the trailer i were found out there. Theere is wild card entry contestant will be back into this.

Some of contestant were swimming while find out their really task over there. Some of awesome and good task will be doing into there. Some of few contestant those who are out from the Pi Round while they haven’t meet the impression with the judges over there. They were well-performance over this task while the into there.

Even the Paul Shah were doing to make task while doing their task to give information doing into there. Even the older contestant will be make excited while the wild cards entry will be doing their best performance into their task to see there. 

There is somethings new while we have been check out into the every Monday night at 8pm at nepali time to check out there,. Let’s see what will be happen while the episode will be upload into the youtube channel as well the himalaya tv channel tv had to see. Paul Shah Join in Himalaya Roadies Season 4 hope there doing big surprise with the contestant while to see there. 

It remains to be seen what will happen to this show. Everyone is shocked to see what kind of smuggling has taken place. Here it is also the smuggler who is going to have a very good chance. There may be some secrets after the arrival of Paul Shah. There’s also something to watch here in the episode. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Even after seeing the smugglers here, he thinks that there is an opinion that everyone should do such things in the future.

The Himalayan Rhodes also show smugglers in different guises. People are shocked to see the smugglers here. It is also supported by Nepalis in the show. This show is still going strong. In the days to come, everyone will know what it is. I were really exited to watch this new episode while check it out over there. Some of trailer i will be share out into the below to watch into there. 

Hope you will be looking what they were doing into their task to make them there. Since the people will be make much more excited to check out there. Since we are excited view point of people will reaction to maintenance to share out there. Some of promo were mention into the youtube channel to check out what will be happen under the tomorrow episode to check out there. Since they have been already episode 10 doing there is new one will be make coming soon there. Keeep stay turns into for more update about this one there.

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