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Actor Jayananda Lama passes away at 65Actor Jayananda Lama passes away at 65

Actor Jayananda Lama passes away at 65 Veteran folk singer and artist Jayananda Lama has passed away. He died at his residence in Kaushaltar, Bhaktapur on Wednesday morning. Lama, who was returning home from Boudh on Tuesday night, had a fight when he got out of the car. A preliminary police investigation has revealed that he died in a fight while getting out of a car in front of his house. The family heard the sound of a car at around 2 pm but woke up in the morning. He was found dead in a fight with a vehicle at the gate of the house this morning.

Lama made his acting debut in 2030 BS with the movie Manko Bandh. Lately, he has been acting in the comedy TV series Halka Ramailo.

He has sung many popular folk songs including Calcutta Kainyo, Chuin Chuin Chuinkne Jutta, Mulako Chana, Salal Pani. He also played a decisive role in the Nepali Lok Dohori reality show ‘Nepal Lokstar’.

He is the most popular actor from the Nepal side. While we have been doing to take this thing to happen to goes on there. Since a lot of fans of people will be miss out on his past life over there. The work done here was very enjoyable. The work done here is well done. Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting: I am also saddened to hear this. This is how I felt in my mind when I did small things. It is also a time of sorrow for all. How bad it feels to hear this hour of sorrow.

Actor Jayananda Lama passes away at 65 The work done here and the work given here we will never forget. It always comes to mind. You can play a lot of movies here. There is a lot to be learned from that film. Learning this can be a daunting task. We have to do that for us too.

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