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Chapagain Chamal Kutani Pisani Rice Mill

Chapagain Chamal Kutani Pisani Rice Mill at Ward No 30 in Gagangauda place of Pokhara. This Rice Mill will be fitting by Krishna Baral from Pokhara. He was confident about under this Mill. This Rice Mill owner’s name is Chandra Prasad Chapagain. As of today, he will be starting to calls us then we have been moving under this place to go there. All of the parts will be taken into the correct format of the line of three-phase to check out first the motor line then we had been fixed all of the items over there further check.

After one month back that rice mill will be fitting the Mainline from the Poolside with bringing out from NEA Office to fit a line there. Even he will be doing this things will happen run their business as well as own way to better good service to all customers to taken into there. Nearest under this place side there is also another rice mill were run out a lot of years ago there. 

Now this mill will be starting to run any item from there. Even the people will be happy to service from this place. Even we have checked all of the systems as a format way to check out there. Then we have been moving under to check the mill there. Since moring time was too much foggy will be happen unwanted to working into their fields areas side there. 

Chapagain Chamal Kutani Pisani Rice Mill from today the mil will be stared to run out there. People will be used to bring the rice item and maize to bring out there from the mill. We have done all the work of this mill today. Everyone is happy with this work. This mill is also running from today. There will be fear of being run by the promises in this mill. Because of this fear, we had hoped that we would be forced to do something. Everything in this mill has to be beaten here as you said. Here are the new people, everything is going to go slowly.

The owner of this mill was angry at us for talking about money but also for talking about money. It seemed to us that this was not a good thing at all. And even if we do what we say, nothing will happen. This is something we have to do. While doing this, we also find ourselves at work. We have to remember the next day, even in the matter of this mill.

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