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Happy Martyrs' Day 2022 in NepalHappy Martyrs' Day 2022 in Nepal

Happy Martyrs’ Day 2022 in Nepal It held into the January 30 each and every year it will comes on it. In the changed perspective, Nepal is celebrated not only as Martyr’s Day but also as Martyr’s Week with various programs a week in advance. Martyrs Shukraraj Shastri, Dharmabhakta Mathema, Dasharath Chand Thakur, and Gangalal Shrestha were killed on the charge of advocating for democracy among the people, this week and day is a tribute to them.

This year’s Martyr’s Day has also come, let’s talk in this periphery. According to the dictionary of Nepal Pragya Pratisthan, a martyr is an immortal person who sacrifices his life for the protection of his country, culture, and existence, and the attainment of freedom.

It held into every year month of Magh 16 in Nepali this Martyr’s Day will be celebrated in Nepal. We had been listen the long way to stories to tells about this day’s. Even the people will be miss the past time life which they have make fight with the freedom in nation. But the government of Nepal will be killed those 4 person during thia days.

Lakhan Thapa is considered to be the first martyr of Nepal. Thapa was hanged in a tree near the Manakamana temple in Gorkha on February 2, 1933, for spreading propaganda against the then Rana Prime Minister Jung Bahadur Rana.

Happy Martyrs’ Day 2022 in Nepal even the Nepal will be make celebrating this day. Even we had been learn and more attractive towards this day’s. Even the people will be remembered to that day’s which they can be memories feels to save the freedom into the nation.

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