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Fitting a Small Machinery in PokharaFitting a Small Machinery in Pokhara

Fitting a Small Machinery in Pokhara we have been finished out this way to doing into there. Lots of things will be done it out there. This place we have been fitting into the place of Birauta of ward no 17 is located into the valley area side there. Even that owner will be made to run a rice mill at previous past few days ago there. Then he will be doing a small mill into his own shop infornt their eye to take this thing over there. Even a lot of people will be moving to see there. They will be returned to another place to go there. 

This is the work of Viring and other works that we have completed today. But there is still work to be done. This is also the work of the people we have done in this place. This is what we have already done. This is the place where we always come and do things. Everyone was lost in this work. A lot of people have been wondering when this mill will start.

It is also done for its own sake. I have done this since this morning. We have been doing this since morning. We have completed this work during the day. It was amazing that we did it ourselves. I even went to that place and ate. And we have also done the work of crushing by eating. This man has also done the work himself. We get bored after working in front of people.

Even if we think about where to put the dog, we have to keep it where it is supposed to be. We have also done the work of Viring. It has also made it easier for us to do the work of wiring. This work can be done by yourself. This work is not like we did. If we want to go somewhere else, we also have to worry. This place is also seen by many people. The mill also runs in all the villages and markets.

But this mill may not run for a long time and in the coming days, old mills will be easier to work. It is easy and good even when I beat the old mill. Everyone in this mill is lost. This market has also taken a lot towards the Nepal market. It is also made by a Chinese company. Many honors will come to China, the same honors will come to our country Nepal. In the photo we saw, we also showed that we have completed our work.

Fitting a Small Machinery in Pokhara just finesh all those things happen under this place. Hope that person will be made happy to use this. They are doing this working well for do there. They will be doing working hard to reach much better and better service their previous customer to helpful from there. 

If I said yes, it is not the job of the mill to talk in the future. Everyone should take it for their home, but this mill is needed in many remote villages because people have gone to many places to buy it. If you want to buy this mill, you have to go to the market. Many people have suffered a lot from this mill and we have even considered how to sell it. Even a small mill has to give a big job but like a big mill, it does not give a job.

After working in a big mill, you don’t feel like working in a small one. However, I have completed the work of wiring and grinding of this mill. You should also see how we are doing. You may have been bitten by tension even at this mill. It still takes people about a day to do this.

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