My Saturday blog Story Part 43

My Saturday blog Story Part 43, when I wake of early in the morning time at 6, am from my own bedroom. Even the parent of will calling to wake up your needs to go somewhere else further working into there. Even I take some hot water from the kitchen room there then I going to own toilet for long there. Even I come back own kitchen to take a cup of tea there. Even mother will give ma tea over there. Even I take some breakfast over there. Then I again go toilet for long there. Then while I going own toilet room there my father will be starting the scooter there. 

Then I finish the toilet break there I take wearing the clothes there. Then I move now scooter side there. Then we have to make froward the destination over there. Firstly we go to the place Dobara place of Rice Mill there. There current line running into the opposite side there. Then we have to move forward into that place to move ahead there. Even we have set this one for further making into there. Even we have moved another rice mill taka fitting another mill over there. 

Even we have finesh that machine over within nearest form the 8am around over there. We arrived back on the Pokhara side to checking into the scooter put to set on scooter fixing problem there. Even we have stopped the scooter into the Birauta place of Pokhara there. This is the My Saturday blog story Part 43 will happen to see over there. Then we have talked with other people there. Again we have taken some machinery part over there. Then we have to call that person he didn’t receive that phone there. Then we have slow going on this place there. 

We arrived this that place near to reach around 11 am over there. Even we have to fix the problem over there. Even we have sat there. Even there is not line current over there Even that person will able to call with them to further asking the current problem there. This is one of the Blog Story were finding out here. The whole spending to wait for the current line there. Even we have waited more than 4 hours to come to the current line there. Even this Blog Story will be finding out to see the interest to read it out there. 

Even our blog story will be ended it here which already mentions the main point out there. You will be analytic over there. Every Saturday blog story I will be share here to know it well for a clear way to share it here. These days really bored while waiting for the current line of electricity to happen in our Nepal political problem with government issue to see this face out. 

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