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Battle Round on The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 13

Battle Round on The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 13 on April 30, 2021, on hold on Himalaya TV HD channel at 8 pm on Nepali Time. This episode also calling into the Battle Round will start to continue into this weekend also. Even the First-weekend battle will end there. But this is the second-weekend battle round will continue it. Some of the trailers will be shows first there. Then the Sushil will welcome this of episode 13 there. Our battle goes on Team Deep contestants will give the best performance on the stage first there. Arman lama and Janish Rai both pairing the songs into the Battle Round there. Hope they will do it well for there on stage.

Both of them really sing songs well for their own performances. All coaches will give good comments with both of them there. Even Pramod will also miss this talent into own team. Now the Team Deep will discuss choosing for next round contestants to select with them there. Janish lama will be selected for the next round of knockout. Even the Deep will choose for him today’s performance to select with him there. Arman lama isn’t select for this round which singing wise performance from today.

Now, the second battle round goes on team Raju. Abhishek Karki and Sonam Sherpa will pair into the Battle Round with the same journal singer will be chosen from Team Raju there. Now both of them sing really well on stage side there. All coaches will give a good comment with them there. Event he Team Raju will give very much difficult to take action to choose for next round there. But he chooses the Sonam Sherpa for the Knock Out round to select it there. Abhishek will be leaving this stage because he didn’t select further the next round. His journey will be ended here.

Now third battle round goes on Team Pramod. Melina Mainali and Prabhu Bikram Thapa both were pairing songs in the battle round which the Pramod will be chosen with them. Some health issues will find on Prabhu. Now he will be fine to sings a song on the stage there. Some were mistakes on singing on Prabhu otherwise it will be fine on there. But Pramod will choose Melina for the next round of knock-out rounds. She will be happy to while singing songs performing really well done there. Upcoming days she will be better at doing it well for us there. Prabhu isn’t select for this round. His journey will be ended here.

The fourth battle round goes on team Trishna. Seeya  Nepal and Santosh Kumar Baniya both of them pairing with songs on a battle round of team Trishna. Both of them really well for sings on stage there. Even the three coaches will be a dance on the stage and leave the chair and they have also been dancing over there. Even the audience will be confused whether they look singing contestants or see a coach’s dance there. Anywhere they have singing aside very well for us and Full entertainment singing performances there.

Seeya Nepal will be selected for the next round of knock-out rounds. Hope she will be doing well for the next one to see there. Santosh Kumar Baniya isn’t select this round. His journey will be ended here. Even the Trishna will very much difficult to choose with them. Sushil will be ended this program of this episode there. Hope you will be coming for tomorrow’s episode and keep wait for tomorrow’s episode. At last, the program will be close this Friday episode of this season there. Now, this Battle Round on The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 13 will end here to continue it. 

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