Drinking Company on Fadikhola at Pokhara

Drinking Company on Fadikhola at Pokhara

Drinking Company on Fadikhola at Pokhara during at afternoon time after we have taken a launch time into our own home. Since the company manager will be called with us from our call it there. There is a problem with the Generator machine there. Even I have brought that product from there. Since the people have outside there. Then I will be making this working over there. Since the father will check out the problem related under this place on there.

Since the previous few months there. Then I describe this company where our people will be running it out there. There is a different company the people have running it out the pure drinking into there. There is no more working into that company to checking it out there. Since they have worked over there. During that place were over surrender by the hills area there.

There is a farm of Chicken to grow it there. Since the electricity area over infornt that place others. Since the people will be working over that place there. After reaching there, we have done our job. After working, it becomes very cold. The people of Then had gone to work. And people have gone to work to get water. Have to work And the company should cry. After working, it becomes very cold. And we do our job. There is an opinion that it will be cold even now. The roads were also very narrow. Slowly gone to that place.

And the roads were easy in that place too. And we also went. And I will also post on my blog website. Posts have to be done. Why we post. It is done for you. This drinking water for running out in Pokhara.

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