My Saturday blog Story Part 29

My Saturday blog Story Part 29

My Saturday blog Story Part 29 I wake up early at 6:11 am in the morning time. Then I direct go into the toilet for long there. Then I take a wash my hand with soap in the bathroom there. Then I come back to wearing clothes there own room then I go into to kitchen to wash my face there. Then I take some hot water for a drink there. After then I take a cup of tea there. Since we are planning for going to Arba’s place in the new house there. After 7am then we moving forward into a new house there. Then I direct going to Hardware place there take a Doko there then My mother put into their own hand moving forwards on a new house there.

After the people left, the Palatars went to their homes. And I’ve talked to them. And I also have Lako’s opinion to work. And people were trying to do their job. And I have done my job too. And I was talking too. The people here had to do their work. I was also rehearsing for everything. And he was measuring himself with a tape measure. And I was lost too. And I was also looking at work. And I thought it would take ten days from today.

And after a while, someone came out of the house and my mother and I were alone. And Mom was working on that upstairs. And the mother was looking at Anarkali. And I was watching it too. And he did the work, and the watchman was doing the work of the white seamstress. And we gave money to that person of ours. And we also went to our house. After coming home, he went to Syangja and ate. And by eating. Below are the machinery running in the shops. And in the store, she was not the same. We are walking in Amarsingh Chowk. And that’s the opinion. And we took that money.

And we went straight to Syangja. And along the way it was easy. And it’s fun. And we have to do our job. And it took about an hour and the roads were easy. And that place has gone very slowly. After reaching there, he has done his job. And there is an opinion that even a slight cold is big. And it is hot in the daytime in that place. The money laundering season is starting in that place.

It was late afternoon and evening. And work is also being done towards Bhalupahad. And we sat for a while. And we have gone to Slove. And after reaching that place, he did his work. And today’s blog also has such interesting things. He also took money and belongings. The man kept it in his copy. And gave money and went because there were no people in the hotel because it was Saturday. And we ate lunch on the way up.

And we have come to our home. And I have washed my scooter. And the scooter was very heavy. In that place, Jada was very close. The roads were paved in many places. Read it out the previous Blogging Story blog Part 28 is the interest blog story happen to see it there.

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