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My Saturday blog Story Part 28

My Saturday blog Story Part 28

My Saturday blog Story Part 28 I wake up the early in morning time there. Then I move to their kitchen room there. Then after washing the face then I take some hot water there. Then I take a cup of tea there. Then I move on back to my own room to checking their clothes in good condition there. That day we have moved to Pame place of Pokhara. Then we have to go to the motor to fix like a new one there. They have moved to Marki village there. Then the motor we pick up from the New Road place of Pokhara valley. 

Then we take a motor on New Road then I take a motor in a backward front. Then I take the backward part which the catch of hand there. Then we move on slow into the scooter ride there on the main highway road of Pokhara place. Then we move forwards on lakeside side road side there. We arrived at those who live a motor from that side of the place there. 

After we arrived at 10am in the morning time there. We move on a scooter to move that place of Motor there. Then we slow to cross the river from the side there. There is paddy of rice fields there then the person will be moving on to pick up that motor to back part there. I arrived at that place then that old man was stand own home there. Then we have to talk with there. 

After arrived the motor there then we have fixed it that motor there now machinery part there. We have to take a launch break there. We have to take a fish to eat on rice on there. Then we have finesh at working at 1pm. Then we move to the Pame side of the place to cross the river over there. Previous My Saturday blog Story Part 27 is good for the story will share it out there. 


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