Cuting Dunga on Masala Mill on Pokhara

Cuting Dunga on Masala Mill on Pokhara

Cuting Dunga on Masala Mill on Pokhara at Arva place near from ring roadside there. Since the people were doing it there. There is India Dunga mill when making a Masala mill over to give service for all people. Our own people are in that mill. And I also went to work. The boat is done. The Dunga is working. And I have worked too. And I’m also open to that mill. I also had to learn to work. We did the same for the boat as I did. We have also worked. That didn’t work. We don’t Masala. The mill was small.

The spice is added. And he didn’t do it on his own. And that the work did not. And we also had that man walking by himself. And that the spice didn’t work and that’s where we went. We have our own people’s home but it has also worked. The boat was cut and there was a lot to cut. That boat belonged to someone else. And we have done that by cutting.

We also have to work and work for ourselves. And I worked too. Many have done it by themselves. And that man said his thing. And I was trying to do that too. This photo was of a boat cutting lacquer. The work of the mill is to take my father and it is in a place near Pokhara.

That is to work. If you find work, please let me know. And we will do those things. This morning’s work is just that. It took a long time to do that. And the morning is gone and the day is gone. This is Masala Mill of  Dunga on there.

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