Today a new mill has been added on Nayapool

Today a new mill has been added on Nayapool

Today a new mill has been added on Nayapool after the 3month back to set this mill over that mention over there. Due to the problem reacted on lockdown into Nepal. Still, the lockdown isn’t open properly on it. Since the morning time, we going to move that place with the beautiful rainfall reacted while moving from scotor with the work with the father over there. There is confusion about the place in which the house is there. Most of the parts we need to call with the phone with that person over there.

Finally, that person will become the highway side of over there. We can find it out there. Some of the places we need asking here and there place also too with the people over there. We move first to take tea over there. The worker will be coming into there. They are also ready for working into the field to set new machinery over there. Before we eat launching time we fixed the  Huskar and Pulisar machinery into the land side there.

After we eat a launch break into that place of the home which we are working that place over there. Then we take a few rests over there. Then after 5pm at evening time, we had finesh that much all machinery set into the land over ther.e Only four or five-person will be helping with us there. This is the new mill will making to start their own business over there. Hope the next time I will make some video click over there. The area was open there.


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