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Saturday Morning Rainfall in Pokhara

Saturday Morning Rainfall in Pokhara

Saturday Morning Rainfall in Pokhara after wake up from early in the morning time. It will continue rainfall over from last night’s time. While I sleep in my own bedroom for night time. It happens to react to rainfall over outside there. Still, the Saturday days will be bad and cool for the whole day happen. There is the destruction of someplace which the planing to grow the product into their land for agriculture. Whole cover the cloudy mood into the sky side.

I see the white cloudy mod was happened to see it there. There is slow rainfall were I see into my face over there. During this year there is a lot of waterfall in the sky. The whole day it feels to relax and amazing the days will be past it out there. Since the morning time I have to see this image while I shot the video upload into from own mobile device.

Even I have to move anywhere place from my scooter’s ride for an outside place to move there. During this Saturday I need to relax and sleep the whole time. During the sun in the day time, I feel much more hot and more water will be falling into the body part. I like this type of rain will be on the outside were seen a peaceful environment. Whether as evergreen into the tree and outside will change react on there.

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