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I had tea today during Rainfall

I had tea today during Rainfall

I had tea today during Rainfall It was very cold and I wanted to have tea and I also had tea. And the photo of him having tea is a selfie. And today was a very cold day. People should eat more tea in winter. And in the morning we have tea. And I don’t feel like eating without tea. When I left home, I never ate tea at other people’s houses. But today I also drove a scooter. And the water was heavy today.

After the water, it takes a lot of barley and I don’t want to go anywhere, I like to stay at home. And how much water has fallen this year? It was raining hard in the morning. I have never seen anything like this in Life. And I didn’t know it was raining so hard at the time.

She is at work. I was given tea at that workhouse. After giving, I took out my phone and snapped my photo. Along with today’s tea, I have also posted my blog to you. You have to get up in the morning to eat tea or not. It needs warm while in the morning time. I take a cup of tea over there and trying to share some images and blogs related to why I have been taking a tea on today 2 times over there.

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