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When Will TikTok Open In NepalWhen Will TikTok Open In Nepal

When Will TikTok Open In Nepal It has been seven months since the government of Nepal banned the famous social network Tiktok. The cabinet meeting on October 27, 2080, decided to ban the use of TikTok because of its negative impact on social harmony.

After this, most of the internet service providers decided not to open TikTok in Nepal. On the other hand, various stakeholders have criticized the government’s move, claiming that the ban on TikTok is against the right to freedom of expression and communication guaranteed by the constitution.

Similarly, Tiktok is sending letters time and again to get the ban lifted. Last time, on May 17, the company wrote to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachand’ and requested to open Tiktok.

Meanwhile, Minister of Communication and Information Technology Rekha Sharma has said that the government has closed Tik Tok because it has a lot of impact on social values. Speaking at the meeting of the Development, Economic Affairs, and Good Governance Committee on Thursday, Minister Sharma mentioned that Tiktok is now legally closed in Nepal.

“Even now, our Nepal Telecom, Ncell, and other big service providers are not opening on the internet. However, some people are running Tiktok through VPNs and small internet service providers.

Sharma said that it is her belief that the Tiktok app should be used in a way that is compatible with our society, which is stuck in Eastern philosophy, rather than because of any request or prejudice. He said that since the Social Media Bill is in the process of being registered in Parliament, there will be a wide discussion when the law is made in this regard.

It is disappointing that our proposal to find a solution has not been accepted, even though we have been continuously engaged with the government of Nepal,” said the letter sent by the company to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ on May 17. We have no doubt that you are aware of the rising voice of the people. This ban has caused a huge loss to the government’s revenue as well.”

Minister Sharma did not give any response in the committee meeting about the letter and the removal of the ban on TikTok. 

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