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Finally Nepal Government Ban Tiktok in 2023Finally Nepal Government Ban Tiktok in 2023

Finally Nepal Government Ban Tiktok in 2023 in two days on November 13, 2023, announced a live telecast on a media platform to share there. Some of the few TikTok were going into the YouTube side to get promotion over there. Some users will be happy to ban TikTok in Nepal. The rest of the users will feel a little sadness while joining their own talent from the TikTok platform to getting promotions over there. 

Here List of TikTok Ban  Country in the World

1. Afghanistan 

2. Australia

3. Belgium

4. Canada

5. Denmark

6. India

7. Nepal

8. Netherlands

9. New Zealand

10. Norway

As Nepal country more than 22 million users active on the TikTok platform, the most reached active users happen to be in Nepal TikTok Side. The government of Nepal will decide to finally  Ban TikTok from its own countryside. 

There were people who were not working. The city had also done many bad things in the society. But from the side of TikTok, Nepal had a good idea and a vision of good thinking, but the government of Nepal had to make it. Nepal government must have done it right. The city has done a lot of bad things. Even though people on TikTok saw their whole healthy bodies and came to Liwe and asked for gifts.

I also do TikTok to him, but I have gone to Live and acted like this person. People can do anything on TikTok in the gift bar. Big or small, everyone has downloaded TikTok on their mobile. Small children have also worked together from TikTok. I am very happy that people who think bad things on TikTok have a lot of trouble.

However, after making TikTok in Nepal, TikTokers have returned to their old ways on YouTube. There were videos and videos from Nepal like before on YouTube, and still videos from Nepal are available on YouTube. When Tiktok was entered in Nepal, after the test, users of YouTube were taken to join Tiktok and that’s why YouTube people joined Tiktok.

If you do bad things on YouTube, you will receive notifications emailed to you because of Violence, but whatever TikTok says will happen. However, I am happy that this TikTok should have been made for Nepal. Nowadays, people are also on other YouTubes.

Tiktok is right about one thing for Nepal. But because of TikTok, the small and big people have also seen a break in society. The government of Nepal has also raised the question of why people in the society have become this Tiktok.

It has not benefited Nepal by making it in Nepal. But the number of people who live on TikTok has decreased, now they are moving towards YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. After joining YouTube and Facebook, people really grow.

If Tiktok had done a good job. That Tiktok money must have been withdrawn too. Many may have sent an email to TikTok’s email. There is no chance of opening it after this government is formed. People don’t like to work because of TikTok and they get angry. Hobbit also makes TikTok dance easier for everyone.

You must have done it with the help of social media even by becoming Tiktok in Nepal. If you are ok with Tiktok, you can email me and send me your feedback. In respect of your email, I will update you in the next blog post. Anyway, I am happy that Tiktok has become Ban in Nepal. This Tiktok will be made in all countries

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