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Government of Nepal has Ban TikTokGovernment of Nepal has Ban TikTok

Government of Nepal has Ban TikTok TikTok has been closed in Nepal. Because of TikTok, the children are also not going to school. There are also children who do not eat and do not go to school. Budi Haru has also used Tiktok to leave their housework and work on Tiktok in a bad way. It has also been seen that people are sitting on TikTok and asking for gifts.

It is also said that the Nepal government’s message has been criticized with bad words. It has also been seen that even the little ones are angry at the government of Nepal on TikTok. Sir, you speak badly, your video has gone trending and it is also rare on TikTok.

There is no value for people who do good things. If you do bad things, you only see bad people on TikTok. Tiktok has been closed in Nepal. I also feel the government’s displeasure. Govt should have shut down Tiktok. Even in societies that have worked to spread bad messages on TikTok.

Just like TikTok did to him, TikTok may have done it to him by downloading VPN apps and changing the names of others. Here, they have become YouTube followers, and they have invited the Audience to TikTok again on YouTube.

However, after the closure of Tiktok in Nepal, few people have left in many places. All people are slowly becoming active on YouTube. You should do good research on YouTube and not upload bad messages. You also received notifications of Policy and Violence from YouTube. Those who speak and do bad things from TikTok have been notified by Violence on YouTube.

You have to follow separate policies on YouTube. It has also made it easier in Nepal by closing TikTok. TikTok is not even good for us. TikTok wants to do what he did. People say bad things on TikTok because of what they do on TikTok.

How do you feel about the TikTok ban in Nepal? Please email me. According to your mail, I will mention you in the next post. With respect to your email, I am going to upload another Neksta post with your name in the Neksta blog post by making a TikTok Band in Nepal.

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