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When Did Sorha Shradha Start in Nepal 2080When Did Sorha Shradha Start in Nepal 2080

When Did Sorha Shradha Start in Nepal 2080 It was held from Ashoj 12 to Ashoj 27 or September 29 to October 14. Between 16 days it will be run with different places of Hindu caste will be run out past old father will be do this activity. 

What is Sorha Shradha?

“Sorha Shradha” is a sacred Hindu ritual widely observed in the Indian subcontinent, including regions of Nepal and India. This spiritual practice revolves around venerating deceased ancestors and constitutes a heartfelt form of ancestral reverence. Typically, Sorha Shradha takes place during the auspicious Pitru Paksha period, spanning 16 days according to the lunar calendar in Hinduism.

Within the framework of Sorha Shradha, Hindu families undertake the solemn duty of honoring and preserving the memory of their departed ancestors. This tribute involves the meticulous performance of rituals and the offering of devout prayers.

The customs and traditions associated with Sorha Shradha can exhibit variations from one region to another and from one family to the next. Nonetheless, the core essence remains consistent: it is an expression of deep gratitude and profound reverence towards one’s forefathers. This observance stands as a significant facet of Hindu culture and spirituality and is undertaken with utmost sincerity and devotion by adherents who practice it.

Pitra Paksha Shraddha calendar 2080 (Sorha Sarad)

1. Purnima (Full Moon) shraddha: Ashoj 12, 2080 Friday

2. Ekam (Pratipada) shraddha: Ashoj 13, 2080 Saturday

3. Dvitia Shraddha: Ashoj 14, 2080 Sunday

4. Tritiya Shraddha: Ashoj 15, 2080 Monday

5. Chaturthi Shraddha: Ashoj 16, 2080 Tuesday

6. Panchami shraddha: Ashoj 17, 2080 Wednesday

7. Shasthi Shraddha: Ashoj 18, 2080 Thursday

8. Saptami Shraddha: Ashoj 19, 2080 Friday

9. Ashtami Shraddha:  Ashoj 20, 2080 Saturday

10. Navami Shraddha: Ashoj 21, 2080 Sunday

11. Dashmi Shraddha: Ashoj 22, 2080 Monday

12. Ekadasi shraddha: Ashoj 23, 2080 Tuesday

13. Dwadashi Shraddha: Ashoj 24, 2080 Wednesday

14. Tryodashi Shraddha: Ashoj 25, 2080 Thursday

15. Chaturdashi shraddha: Ashoj 26, 2080 Friday

16. Chaturdashi / Amavasya shraddha: Ashoj 27, 2080 Saturday

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