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History of Father Day in NepalHistory of Father Day in Nepal

History of Father Day in Nepal holds a lot of respect for fathers and is considered as the pillar of strength and support for the family. Those without fathers, visit various pilgrimages to perform Sraddha, a Hindu ritual wherein people offer food to their deceased fathers. 

In the Hindu belief, fathers are regarded as the teachers, protectors, and savior. So, Kushe Aunsi is the day dedicated to fathers, and not only the Hindu community but the whole country is involved in this festival in one way or the other.

Kushe Aushi is also known as Pitri Tirpani Aausi, Gokarna Aunsi, or Babu ko mukh herne din. This festival, like most other Hindu festivalshas unique rituals associated with it. On this day people bring Kush, a sacred herb into their home.

A festive atmosphere is felt a week before this day people crowd the streets to shop for gifts and offers and discounts for Father’s Day are also made available. 

The day when Father loses his mouth is also a very important thing. There is also a ringing of things. It is also good for everyone. Father also has control over his family. It seems like the mother of a Parkar even if it is made of the father. On the day of Father, people wear tika and wash the food for the Father.

Even on this day, we also helped Father in holding things. However, he will also support his family on the day of his death. On this day, it is also said to be the day to lose the mouth of your father. It’s not about losing your face by being a loser. One will lose one’s own weight. Nowadays everyone has access to the internet. If you are abroad, you can use the help of the Internet to play your phone and play videos.

We also used to show our father on the face of this father. On the day of Father, we also do other things like giving gifts. It is necessary to be happy on the day of Father, because of Father, now we are in this place, even if it is morning.

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