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My Trip To Rani Mahal Palpa in NepalMy Trip To Rani Mahal Palpa in Nepal

My Trip To Rani Mahal Palpa in Nepal When we went to this place, we went according to our plan. We woke up at 4 in the morning and went to Palpa Rani Mahal from Pokhara. Rani Mahal was also very sad. Looking at the road, it was not even light in the morning. Due to time, we did not reach the place according to which it was made.


It took us a long time to reach that place from Pokhara. Even though we are holding back, we have gone to our own place. When we went to that place, we had a hard time. And the people of that place didn’t even give the location well. According to the location, we were also confused.

In the morning, around 7 o’clock, we also put petrol in two Bikes. And after pouring petrol, we also had tea. After eating that, we also set up the bats on our mobiles. After setting up, we were supposed to shoot the video, but in between we were not even supported by the bats.


And after we came to the place of wailing we stopped for a while. And in that place, we have also taken pictures. And my friend asked me to look at Google Maps. And I had a data pack in mine, which was made of internet and we were going to look at that location.

After we reached Ramdi Bridge, the upper rod also came. We were doing our slow driving. And in the middle was the Checking of Police. And we also had a License with two people. And the bill book was also a file of one person. And the bill book was fine.

A Bike was fine in everything. It’s easy on Bike, but it’s hard for us people to ride scooters, so I thought about that. Considering that, I decided to go to Bike. And then we got into Police Checking and after that, it was a good thing for us.

We used to ask, depending on the place, according to the square, we used to wear confusion. We also asked. In the middle, we were going to return home. And a local person should go from this place according to what you have done.

We reached that place around 11 o’clock. The hot sun of the day was also shining. The sun was shining on us and it was very hot inside. We are of the opinion that it will be cold in the hot sun. He was very happy after reaching that place.

We had not even eaten. And after we reached that place, we thought about eating. And we went inside and at the time going inside, we had to cut the ticket, Sir, I can do it with bats, but bats are not allowed. And the Police are also sitting in that place.

We even went from different places to see it. People like many have gone to their homes. It is easy in your vehicle to stop at any place. In the process of traveling as usual, it has become difficult and easy for us.

We put petrol in two cars for Rs 3000. And on the way back, we didn’t even put it in the petrol on the Bike. Four of us went. Four people took away the money according to Ras 1500. And after selling your petrol, it will be easy, no place will be difficult for us.

If we didn’t manage that money, we would have suffered too. If we had no problem on the way, we would. On the way back after easy feedback. It is because we are feeling suffocated. For people in that place. It will be easier for us in the coming days. For people in that place, it is very good in the winter season even in the holiday season.

But my dreams have come true. My dreams have also come true. Dreams were about going to Palpa Rani Mahal but later my dreams were fulfilled. Rani Mahal has also become quite easy. It was also a good thing for us that we had people inside the Rani Mahal.

The names of the friends who went with me are Rupesh, Umesh, Prabin, and Laxman only went to that place. It was easier when we both sold. Because it was easy, we also had fun.

If you are going from Rani Mahal To Pokhara, then after you reach Galyang, there will be two roads below and you will have to leave that road and go to another road. Sir, you will have to leave the path of the Highway.

We had lunch at that place and then we left after 12:30 pm. And when we reached Pokhara, it was 6 pm. Because it was raining and the rain made us muddy. And we also had to push the scooter from one place to another.

Finally, while going home, we had lunch again and we were heading towards our house and it was raining heavily on the way. We also put on Ranicoat and went home. There is an opinion that it is raining after entering Pokhara as well. The water was falling heavily in some places and small in some places.

Anyway, our trip was fun. The journey was very easy for us. Now let’s think about it in the coming days.

It will be easier for us in the coming days. However, in some places, we feel a little suffocated. Chonfuse is coming, so we have to do something else. If you have gone to Palpa Rani Mahal. You are not going to go, so you have to go to your brother.

Even if it took time, it would not be difficult for us. But the trip went well, nothing else happened. We have to like it. We ourselves also had a dream to go to Rani Mahal one day. That dream has also come true.

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