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When is Father Day in Nepal 2080When is Father Day in Nepal 2080

When is Father Day in Nepal 2080 it was held on the Bhadra 28, 2080, or September 14, 2023. The day also marks Kushe Aaunshi or Gokarna Aunsi, which is the other name for Nepali Father’s Day.

On this day, everyone is celebrating at home for Father. The day has come when Father will lose his face. A person like many does not even enjoy the day when Baba loses his face. However, many in Nepal have now made it a day to lose Father’s face. Fathers’ Face Loss Day has also happened in Nepal.

On the day when Father loses his face, he also washes fruits and sweets. It is as if sister remembered this on the day her father lost his face. Even from far away, Father’s mouth has come to Nepal. However, the day when the father’s face is lost is not as good as the day when the mother’s face is lost.

Still, the person who thinks like his mother is also thinking well. Those who have that thought have done many things in life. Even today, Many also spoke about his thoughts on the days of Father. This Father’s Day in Nepal 2080 was good and nice to meet with the station over there. 

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