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Be safe from Landslide in NepalBe safe from Landslide in Nepal

Be safe from Landslide in Nepal during the June and July month there is a lot of landslides were happen in the hills area side which will be effective to harmful us. Even I also live in the hills area part in Nepal. Last year we had been reaching out latest news happening in Sidhupalchowk, Terai Area will make a lot of destroying their house and others.

Now the monsoon was starting today because there is no limit to the plenty of water rainfall in outside. Some of part will be might destroy in also city area. Some people will be made to leave that house. Even the people will be followed up this place to leave there.

Even some of the people will make lives at the riverside because they didn’t have their own original house in the valley because they haven’t had money. While we have to stay on the river it might occur from the landslide while rainfall was increased it will increase heavy rainfall into the river.

I will be staying with anybody who lives in one landslide area you need to take a lot anytime, anywhere you will be getting faced with landslides there. While the night we cannot stay to sleep well there. Because the rainfall will be continued falling there.

During this landslide, the government will be a little bit of helping them but they didn’t look out immediately way to own way to do there. Some of the rest own the public people will be helped to donate the money to save with them. Even they have made helpful to other people with them.

We are the Nepali people and will help each other. Like the village area, people will be getting the effect of landslide because people will be made destroy their trees in the forest that way it might be getting problem to face it out there. Even the rest of the people were lives in the city area side to make a stay there.

While the summertime we have need tension about to listen to the landslide that will be happening in this place. A lot of YouTubers and news reports will be working during this time to take updates in television. Every year it will be helpful to listen to it out there.

If you got to happen in a landslide will be going you need to contact the person immediately there. You might be leaving a home then you will be goto rest place. Some of part of house items will be destroyed by the landslide even the Nepali citizenship also be gone.

If one person will tell you will be told to other people will make alerts with them. In the daytime, I cannot landslide there during the happen in the nighttime. I see some of the cases will be falling in the Daytime rest of the time it will be happening in the nighttime.

I cannot face it the landslide happen in my area to listen to it out. Only if I were to listen to the Seti river will be increased only happen to listen out. Some of part of the place in my home side the riverside the people will make own house to lives into there. Because they didn’t aware of the riverside during the summer season effect happen to face it out.

The unwanted smell can be seen there. At night time we have been listening to the sound of the river will flow like light larger increase the river there. But I will also be looking into the river it cannot affect us. But we need to make alerts anytime during the nighttime.

A few days ago last night I got to listen to the river will be Increase there some of the people will bring their own materials of the house to live in a safe zone place. Because they aren’t safe to live there. My father can the river will be increasingly coming into your home side or not. They will be replied there isn’t like a big inside my home it will be touch nearest part my home side I cannot leave into the riverside there.

Only these things I happen to listen to it out hearing that person see there. I hope so you will read the blog post to know. Hope so you will follow up next post to update.


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