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Monsoon Time will be started in Nepal in 2021

Monsoon Time will be started in Nepal 2021 its have been starting from Nepal during the month of Asar they have to make cultivate the land of plating into the different place of landscape happen to see over there. Even the water will be following over your side to make an increase anywhere else to do this one there. Some of the people will make them too happy to see this happen to see there.

They have been busy own working on their land to make the rice planting there. During this time we need safe from the village shall we have to listen the landslide will happen to listen to this news into the different place of Nepal. There is plenty of water Fallin from the sky side.

This time they have been spending their time safe from this virus will be seen there. They have been safe from this one. During this time people, need to make the social distance to make safe from Corona. It has been increasing the number of Corona will be happening in Nepal.

This year time to time will happen to rainfall over all the place of Nepal will be listening out this news there. Some of the places will be destroyed by the landslide over the plane area of land it will become over here to enter the water in the home.

Hope the farmer will be happy to make this monsoon time in Nepal. Rest of the place if people have to make cultivated the rice planting into their own area there. Even all of the people will love the rainfall during the summer season there. They have made safer from this rainfall into own place there.

Hope they have really happy moments to feels to share this one over there. They will make them over there. But we haven’t done anything during our own land. We have live-in the Pokhara city area there. Here we haven’t seen the land for Rice planting to see there. Since the people will be visiting some of the places to see this over there. But they will enjoy seeing the monsoon time to see the evergreen forest while to see there.

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