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Have You Watch Meri Bassai Serial Comedy in Nepali

Have You Watch Meri Bassai Serial Comedy in Nepali is the entertainment reality show which the logger time happen to meet will be share one Media Hub Official on the YouTube channel. Since this lockdown, they have been uploaded to see the video to see there. They have made the entertainment to all of the people will be Watch this serial.

There are more than 707 episodes that will be running still now. Every Tuesday this episode will be running on Nepal television at 8:45 pm at Nepali time there. Even the actor will make this make distant to make this working to make the serial with respective village place to shooting over there.

Due to Covid-19 time, they have made the shooting to keep touch with all Nepali people who will not miss this serial yet now also too. Even I have also been watching this video over into the YouTube channel. This is the old serial which the first time ever been watching the episode will running still now also too.

Some of few actors will be remembered under this serial to run working with together to shot there. They have to make check-up all covid-19 test to give satisfaction to give fully entertaining all the people at this time. We have also been feeling bored while seeing the News happen on the social media site to listen to the Kanda of news in this lockdown.

While I watch this serial comedy then I will make refresh while the spending the days will be past it there. Even since this serial will be finding out the YouTube channel but cannot looking alone I need to watch with my own family member from YouTube on TV. They also are looking under this one.

Hope you will be following this serial this own during this time. They have to make entertainment among this one over there. Once the check the latest update of serial will happen to watch there. Hope you will be already watching this one. Have You Watch Meri Bassai Serial Comedy in Nepali still episode don’t miss watching this episode once you checking out the episode over there.

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