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Semi-Final of The Voice Kids Nepal Part-2Semi-Final of The Voice Kids Nepal Part-2

Semi-Final of The Voice Kids Nepal Part-2 of January 8, 2022, it will run out on the Himalayas Tv and Official Youtube Channel at 8pm at weekend time. In the Voice of Kids Nepal in part 2, the Coach Raju and Coach Pramod teams of talent will be singing songs on the stage. 4/4 each contestant they will be singing under that Part-2 episode total of 8 contestants will be singing there. The rest of the 4 contestants will be selected into the Finale Round in The Voice of Kids Nepal.

First Coach Raju Contestants were line by line they will be trying to best own talent over into the stage. After finishing the talent from Raju then Coach Pramod talent will be doing to sings songs on the stage there. In the middle part, they are doing the entrainment act of comment were listen out from all of four Coach. They are trying to keep the best level into the Finale Round as their own talent they have said like that. 

Since January 7, 2022 Coach Prabisha and Milan talent contestants were already singing songs into the stage side there. Even they will be getting their each 2/2 talent goes into the Finale Roud in The Voice Kids Nepal. They were looking shocked while under their talent of contestant were out from this shows they didn’t meet to target to get into the Finale Round. They are really too much as well as the audience will know them well. 

After January 8, 2022, after finesh the show, the voting line was already open to give votes from Khalti App and Web Browser side to give them a favorite vote to get the win the title under this Season. Now Vote line was already you must be kept voting with your favorite talent to get a win this title. Even a lot of Nepali people will be making love and support under this show. Even the first shows are better next shows. Even the teams were still working to find ut this talent from Nepal. 

Semi-Final of The Voice Kids Nepal Part-2 was already available on Youtube. If were miss out the watching the video that was seen on the live program you need to go to Youtube to see their video over there. It is yet to come. There are only six days to go to this show. If you haven’t voted yet, please download the Khalti App today. Why the pocket is sponsored to take this vote. You have also benefited in many ways.

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