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Can Again Lockdown in Nepal 2022Can Again Lockdown in Nepal 2022

Can Again Lockdown in Nepal 2022 since the new case will be running out into the Nepal side it will make the spread of virus attacks comes from the border side from India. Most of thousand Nepali will be moving here and there side from Nepal to India and India to Nepal side. Thus Covid-19 will be made a slow increase from the Indian side. Even I see some of the articles were found into the place of Nepal side which from the border area.

As some of the few main cities of India, it will be made lockdown will be announced over from the government side. Still from the Nepal side, the people will be using a vaccine dose for 2nd one. But there is mask rule will make strike into the roadside the police will make check out there. Even he/she did wearing a mask or not. Even they will make reach them and strike policy among the people there.

When I am going for an outside place I always wear a mask while to see the unknown person to meet with them. Each and every time we need to take a wearing a mask there. If you were going to market place you need to take masks over there. This virus will come under the American virus were told from BBC World News will be announced this news there.

If the again will be made lockdown what will be doing into the home. We need a lot of to things whole doing in the home side. We need to take save their time and make them useful time to spend over there. We need to take time to time wash their hand and make take sanitizer carrier on hand or pockets.

We need to tell what will be doing into the lockdown. Most People will be utilized their time and save their time to use the time to spend with their family members there. Even the school will make close up there. Even this spread direct enter the small son to take action over there. Even a lot of people will be dead from the virus without any case to handle there.

Can Again Lockdown in Nepal 2022 yes the government will be decide this problem to getting slove with them. If the lockdown will be held on there then you need to take time save into the home side there. We need to take our ownself getting to reach with them there. But this news isn’t flash by the government side. I just mention it might be made lockdown in upcoming days to listen out there.

If it will happen under this case we cannot decide this control ownself to take this one. Even the people will do this case we need to take our own health. Even we cannot enter the hotel and Restaurant side to take dinner and eat food over there. So that why we need to take care of own health then we need to take ownself about the health.


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