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Sunil & Karishma Special in India Best Dancer S2Sunil & Karishma Special in India Best Dancer S2

Sunil & Karishma Special in India Best Dancer S2 of November 20, 2021, they will come into the Sony Television as the Guess to enjoy the shows of a dancer will be doing their talent over there.  Even they will try to make them share over their talent with the Teacher to dance as well as contestants will be dancing into the stage side there. This weekend they will come int the India best dancer shows which they will be trying to find out the real and awesome dancers will be doing in the live activities over there.

Now people are watching the shows of their dancers here and see the full shows of dancers here. And by doing this, you can also comment on it yourself. And the people here are also learning what their dancers have shown. People have also come here for their enjoyment tents. This is the first time they’ve been together on Television.

Judges also talked about it here. The people here are still feeling good when they talk. People here still watch such shows at home. There is a lot to understand here for these shows. Because of this, the things that are on the minds of the people here are also tolerated. You can also share what you have in mind on your social media.

Here’s a look at some of the dance shows this week. People here do not have things in mind. We have also asked the Dancers to teach us how to do this and how to do it. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; The people here also give a lot of support to this show. 

Sunil & Karishma Special in India Best Dancer S2 And you guys have a lot of fun with this guy and here’s how you do it in this dance you can do this dance and also comment on that yourself. You can do such things here, but also give a complete answer to that thing. This is also the answer to the question. You may be watching this show and you may have taken advantage of the fun moment while sitting at home. This benefit and it may be your favorite show. Because these shows come only 2 days a week, you may enjoy the weekend as well. 

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