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Tika Sait of Dashain 2078

Tika Sait of Dashain 2078 on Oct.15 (Ashoj 29, 2078), at 10:02, AM this year. According to Nepal Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti, the government body announced the dates and times for Hindu Dashain festivals to be celebrated in the country as well as foreign countries. People take Tika and Jamara as a symbol of blessings from the seniors on the 10th day of the festival which is called Bijaya Dashami.

Tika at 10:02 is in Nepal. However, it is the starting time of Tika and blessings but people can receive Tika after that time what is possible as per their time. Most Hindu Nepali are receiving Tika and blessings from their seniors for the next five days after the main day.

During the main Dashain, it will be well to doing correct time was good for us. After the main Sait then people will be starting taking a Tika from an Older person from the Home side there. Even the sister and brother will be taken First Tika then with us coming there. Tika Sait of Dashain 2078 under this year which the people will be able to do this thing to know. 

After the migration of Nepalese people to different countries, Dashain is celebrating in the USA, India, Australia, Japan, London, etc. Different country those who live under out of the country they will be left under this holiday to celebrate this Dashain festival to meet with each other family member to celebrate as Dashain festival there. 

It’s a time of upheaval and people. People are already using it. After that, we have to start. At that time, people did not even eat. And only vaccinated birds are eaten. Everyone cooks meat at home. In Dashain, meat is also cooked at home. It is also enjoyed by eating meat and rice.

People of your relatives come in order. And we have to vaccinate the people who come. We also go to our uncle’s house to get Dashain. The first thing that happens is the uncle goes home. People who have been there may have gone to their hometown to stay at their uncle’s house.

In any case, the day of your vaccination is good. You may want to spend time with your family. Your tenth is good. You can also share your videos and photos. 

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