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Have you take Tika in Dashain 2078

Have you take Tika in Dashain 2078 You wear it at your home on the tenth of this shift. Celebrate your tenth Dashain well. In the days to come, you will be able to celebrate this with your families. Why is it so easy to do what you do? It is also bad to Tika yourself in Dashain. Happiness never comes to your home. Happiness in my home is only for my father for me

In Dashain, having fun with your family is always hot. In the past, even when the festival came, I used to wear it badly. I don’t even think that I will do this in the coming decades. I don’t even know what my Dashain is from a young age.

For example, if you are wearing Dashain, you should celebrate it well because you are having fun with others in your Dashain with your friends. You also have to have fun with your family. You don’t have to do whatever comes to make you happy.

I don’t even have a Tika in my house. I wonder if your house will be fixed or not. There is no vaccination in my house in this decade. We just have fun sitting in our house. It’s just a matter of having fun with your family at home. But I will also share my little video on the day of Tika. It is better for you to do that. Have you take Tika in Dashain 2078 hope you doing to take putting into your head Tika and Jamara and getting a blessing from Old Grandmother and Grandfather. 

Hope you doing safe and stay healthy and take care of your virus attack on your family member. Even a lot of people will do not wearing a mask to visit another house to meet them. Still, the covid-19 isn’t ended in our country Nepal. Still, we need to be safe from this virus attack them. Don’t do own home to visit there and enjoy with them. 

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