World Tourism Day 2021 Celebrating in Nepal
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World Tourism Day 2021 Celebrating in Nepal it will be held on September 27, 2021, it will come in every year. World Tourism is the important part of things which they have visited one country to another with help of their Visa and entertainment to feels under that place to move on it. This is a way of people can be established to celebrate this day. Even the world people will be done celebrations under tourism day. If you going to another country you will be going on like tourism people.

Special our country Nepal has made a community of Tourism board which they have to make preserve and protect our new tourist visit in Nepal. Each and every year they have visited our place in Nepal. They have made to search and study to fields visit work under to travel with different place of Nepal. As the government of Nepal, they have been a focus on the tourist area to make a good way of service and facilities are given to him/her.

There is a huge amount of tourists will be visiting in different place Nepal they can be enjoyed with them there. They are trying to make improve their services and facilities given to all them. The country people we had to welcome them and trying to them respect and polite speak with their own language to get a guide with them. Even since few 10 years ago past the tourist, we need to pay the person who had to guide them and translate their languages in Nepal language.

As we can explain about the world tourism place they have to make them attractive and good service is given to all them. Even the people will be left under that place. Even they have to make museum place which the accident period of kingdom and period were live there and they have been fighting against to save the country.

During the Covid-19 case, the tourists will visit less visit into their country. But we cannot find out about tourism in Nepal. As we mostly welcome for any time for the tourists. We had to make always them welcome to him there. Some of the features and conservation they have estimated and established to get opened over there.

Nepal will make development the of different places of temples, sectors of the tourist area and they have made them attractive hotel and lodge to give them service with the mentioned price to give them well. As they can free to visit any place to move their local food and their food item in hotel. Some of the roads will be made under construction over there.

World Tourism Day 2021 Celebrating in Nepal since a few years ago they have made them express and teach them guideway to know their languages to understand well. Yes, all people were equal to give a right way to getting entertainment and fun with the nature of the beauty of Nepal hesitate place. We have made business way to use to run as freedom way they have given them.

All of the services and facilities will be given to them and all the materials will be give provide within the right time to pick-off service of a vehicle. Any place they have goes their own vehicle to move that located to visit there. Lot of things we cannot explain anymore here. We need to make improve our service and them esaily way to take rest and eat any food to give them. As tourists are the guideway of Nepal which we can be growth our service better them day by day improving them.

Mostly the people of China, Europe, India, Bangladesh, Australia, Japan, Russia, America and more country of people they can visit our Nepal. As our country is smaller them another country. We have a lot of natural beauty and natural things will preserve for them. Each and every year they come to Nepal and visit some important part in Nepal and visit back own country.


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