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My First Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine in NepalMy First Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine in Nepal

My First Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine in Nepal Today is the day we are sitting on our take. I have also taken it myself. I also have you back. In our place, everyone wears it. It takes a long time for us to take our own. We also go to do our work. It happened in this place yesterday too. Nothing happens when you try to save. All the people had gone inside yesterday. And I was also annoyed by the bus ride we took to this place.

Today I was sitting for two hours during the day. The sun was shining at four o’clock and people were sitting with umbrellas but I don’t have an umbrella. And there were other people sitting under the umbrella. The sun was shining brightly. You were also sitting in the take. He was also forced to live with his family.

I have a little thought. But I have not given up taking it. There were also people sitting in the lounge who have gone. But there are also people who have not gone. People have also gone in the past. And people who are not feeling well are also allowed to stay inside. Corona’s vaccine was also good. I was told that people I knew had to stay.

It’s also fun to chat with people. He is also sitting here chatting with the people. It was fun to sit down, but it was also sunny. I am also happy to have taken today. And my mother was happy too. My First Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine in Nepal under my location there is of people will be doing working over there. Hope this first vaccine is the good and nice one to see there. Hope next dose we are waiting for a moment under this one. Even the whole of the near people will be visiting this place to take vaccine doses over there. 

Next month I will be another dose to take into the near place to take this way to do. Since the people will be waiting for a moment for next month to take vaccine over there. Since the people will be waiting and happy to use this. The vaccine will make pain over the hand of the left hand over to feels to take a rest over there. We need to take a rest over there. Today night was difficult to sleep into the bedroom there. 

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