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My Saturday blog Story Part 49

My Saturday blog Story Part 49 I wake up early at a moring time at 7 am over there. Even I take some hot water from the kitchen room. Before that, I will wash my face over there. Then I go to my own toilet room too long over there. After entering the kitchen room then I take a cup of tea over there. After taking the tea then I come back own room to see their news happen into the social media checking into there. 

Then after 10 am we have to take the launch break over with the family member over there. Then I wake up early in the morning time I take a shower on the ground to going there. Even I haven’t talked with anyone over there. Then I shower over there. Then I take Puja over NagaThan over there. Then I come back own room to wearing the clothes over there. 

Under these days I have got the birthday over happen into this. Even I also making them were happy moment with eh family member over there. Even the mother and father making some video clips to shot my own room after eating the launch break time. Even I am trying to make to shot a video to help to speak over there. He and She will be doing to talk to special some video clips over there. Then they are happy to make clips of the video from there. 

Then whole days we have watching the news happen on the Nepal side of landslides will be destroyed Shidhapulchowk place of Nepal with the Landslides will be gone on the First of Asar month. The whole I have seen this news and another case story will be made to face to see there. Even I looking into youtube into the tv there. Then I take some sleepover into my own bedroom there. Even in the morning time their a little bit of rainfall will be happening outside while I wake up from my own bedroom. 

After 4 pm, we arrived at going for the  Prithivichowk to bring the Meat of Goat over there. Then I come back own home there. It might make the rainfall over happen into the outside place of Pokhara side to know them this. Even in the evening, I take angry with the father he also makes me angry but he will be going to sleep own bedroom there. Then I take treatment into my head there. Then i take watching the tv serial over there. My Saturday blog Story Part 49 will be ended it here. 


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